Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have been writing a paper since 9pm, and my Microsoft Word doesn't work, so I had to write it in an email. I finally finished, and breathed a big sigh of relief when I pressed the send button and the mailbox said "TOO FULL!". WHAT?! Too full?! I deleted emails all day!!! It ended up not sending, and deleting the WHOLE paper!!!!!!!! All of my work is gone. All of it. Good-bye, paper! I will have to wake up at 6am to write you again. :( There is no evidence that a paper was ever written. Gone. So very gone.That is not a very fun thing to happen right now. But my night has been very good, so I'm not going to let this minor set back ruin it.

But I do just wanna scream bloody murder for about five minutes.

This is quite the frustrating situation.

Why didn't I just watch "House" like I had planned? Homework and papers have it out for me. They hate me. They can smell my fear, just like a horse or dog. Horses and dogs hate me, too. They want to eat me for dinner.

Monday, September 28, 2009

*Snuggie Love!*

When I put on my snuggie, everything seems right in the world. I feel like my snug is a little glimpse of heaven on earth. The Lord put that incredible idea into the head of the snuggie maker, and it might as well have been just for me. Snuggies are a joke to most people, and that is very offensive. Not only do they warm my heart and self, but they bring joy and happiness to every moment in my life that is spent in it. That is nothing to joke about if you ask me. You can even ask my roommates...when I am in my snuggie, I have a big smile on my face. I snuggle up with it and make weird joyous noises! Doesn't matter what the noise is, as long as it gets the point across that I am in bliss.

I spend a ton of time in my pink snuggie lately, but tonight I had it on while watching "House" and eating brownie mix pudding. Yes, please. Life is good. I have been happy for the past couple of days, and I love it! I should probably be stressing over some school work, but I am just basking in the fact that I'm not stressing. Ever since I bought my snuggie I have been pretty low key and peaceful. That is very rare for me. I'm usually worked up and panicked about something or other. My teacher even said the other day "Abby, you are a panicker!", haha. True. Very true. But not in my snuggsie! It's my escape. My escape to a land of cozy bliss!!!! Thank you, makers of SNUGGIE!!!! You are the best!!!!!

Who needs a boyfriend when you got a snuggie by your side?! Thank you, snug baby! You are my new best friend! And just a little comment for any one of the desperate people I have talked to lately who say "I can't stand being single!!!WAH!!!" WELL..LIGHTEN UP..AND BUY YOURSELF A SNUGGIE ALREADY!!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

*Hello boys and girl!*

Last night I was driving back with some friends from the OBU game, and in front of us was a truck full of students. We were all excited and hyper from winning the game, so my friend stuck her head out the window and started screaming to them. I decided to join in on the fun by rolling down my window and yelling..."HELLO BOYS AND GIRL!" Then to my horror my friend in the back said : "Abby! Those are all boys!!!!". NO way. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! Social flop right there. I started to make amends by saying "I MEAN, HI BOYS!!!!" and Rachel was like "Oh no!!! Correcting yourself just makes it worse!" So I tried to hide, but realized there was nowhere to run. We were stuck in traffic with the boys right in front of us, so I did what anyone would do, and pulled down my mirror over my face. I am seriously sorry for the gender mix up. I mean...it was dark outside, and if you are a boy with long hair you should realize there might be some confusion. Even with that said, I feel awful. Oh well. What do ya do.

I don't have anymore time to blog tonight, because I have SO much to do! I have work piled up to my forehead, which is why I'm going to sleep. Too much work overwhelms me. It messes with my sanity. What's a few more hours of hw verses sanity? Goodnight. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

*EVERYONE LIVES!* (Bridesmaid dress update)

Some of you may remember that fateful day in August when I went to David's to try on my maid of honor dress. Not only did they not have my size, but the other bridesmaid dress I had ordered for another wedding made me feel like a monster!!!!!! I can't go into details again, because that day is too much for me. BUT I do have an update on the situation. I had to order my other dress cold turkey, because my size was unavailable....I can't think of a scarier dress situation! I am going to be on stage in front of TONS of people..and if the dress doesn't fit, talk about terrible. I'll have another great blog to write, but usually great blogs come from horrible days I'd like to avoid.

Today my mom told me she had picked up my cold turkey maid of honor dress and put it in my closet. I ran to my room and was bombarded with bridesmaids dresses, because that's what seems to fill it these days. I grabbed the one for Molly's wedding, and Molly asked what I was doing. Unzipping it and closing the door to her room I yelled :"Trying on your bridesmaid dress, and if it doesn't fit, somebodies gonna die!!!!". (I hear her laughing and telling her fiance that, but I was definitely not laughing.)Then one minute later I got to exclaim the wonderful news to her...I opened the door and happily declared "GREAT! Everybody lives!". The dress fits perfectly!!!! I actually feel quite pretty in it! What a miracle!!! I guess that's the good that comes from having the bride that picks out your dress be your twin. She knows what suits me best! GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!! I am happy :) What a wonderful update! I am going to feel beautiful as well!!!! I don't have to feel like the hobbit maid of honor!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the dress that used to make me feel like a monster, looks so much better now!!!!! I'm having a great try-on day!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

*Why do I always have a stalker?*

For some reason, every year since I have started college I have had some type of stalker. An extremely bad thing happened concerning the first one freshman year, so I have tried hard to avoid such invasions ,of well...my life. The first stalker is unmentionable, because what ended up happening to him is quite the party ruiner. It's like noone can even laugh anymore, because the story is so bad. I hate telling stories like that. Especially on my blog. I do not like to be the party stopper. But before the bad thing happeend...there was some times where he definitely POPPED out of the bushes when I didn't answer my phone and would say: "Why didn't you answer?! I SAW THAT!" and after every class he would be waiting....he called me everyday about ten times. I never called him back. It was the freakiest of them all...so I will save that story for anyone who asks...but be prepared to be speechless afterwards! It's possible this post might be a party stopper, even if I don't want it to be. I just need to vent.

So I had that first stalker, then my second stalker had known me two whole weeks before tearfully telling me he's been in love with me since the first time he saw me. Now, I am not a person that thinks men are after me. I do not feel like I have a higher self esteem than normal...these are the stalker types. Aka the ones that are never talked to, but friendly me comes along and they think their bride has come! I hate letting people down, especially when they seem a little...whats the word? Psycho. Yes, that is the word that fits the profile. You can imagine my shock when this boy starts crying...TEARS..many tears...when professing his love. "Since the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew...you were the one for me." *insert sob fest* What do you say to that?!?!? Especially when you are wondering how he got in your room in the first place. Do locks mean nothing these days?! I remember grabbing a pillow to put in front of me to make sure a hug was impossible. I tried to blow my nose so a few boogers could string along my face. Didn't work. "Oh..uh..how nice...um...thanks???? Have you seen so and so down the hall? They are looking quite marriagable today!!! Me? I'm horrid! HORRID I TELL YOU!!!" Yes, I do throw other people under the bus when under pressure. It's one of my weaknesses you could say.

The next one was named jambo jangles...I kid you not. I was at Dixie Cafe at the end of my second year at Tech, and he was my waiter. He kept looking at me, so my friend decided to give him my number without my consent. Next thing I know my phone is blowing up every hour on the hour with things like: "I have been waiting to find you....we are going to move to Europe together!" and "I just know we are going to spend forever. Your hair is so soft. I want to touch it."and "I know you need saving." YA...CRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPY!!!! Did I mention I NEVER replied to ANY of his messages?!?! You can't make this stuff up!!! I wish I was!!!!!!!! And when I let him know that I was DEFINITELY not his damsel in distress waiting to be saved...he went NUTS!!! Anger like I've never seen in my life. Did I mention he was THIRTY and I was NINETEEN?! I blocked him hardcore, and ran like the dickens. NOT OKAY! Excuse me, Dixie Cafe...I'm gonna need a complaint card. Your waiter tried to move me to europe. That's a problem-O. And thinking about all this again is making me scaredeo!

I have a few other stalker stories, but I am supposed to be going to bed, and they aren't quite as bad. Kind of like the ones that are not exactly psycho, but maybe a little bit socially challenged. Those guys are just precious, and mean no harm. I would never give those stories away. But the first one would BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Hence, why I have issues when another strange man thinks I'm his wife. The newest one came to me just recently. It's because he knew my stalker of the year hasn't come, and he needed to fill that spot. I was hoping those days were over. But the life of a friendly girl is never far from creepahs. I was walking back from Tiger Tunes the other night, and I met three boys walking near my dorm. I dropped something, and they helped me pick it up, so naturally, I was friendly. Well, they ended up walking me back to my dorm, and using my phone to get my number to theirs. I thought letting someone see my phone was no big. Well....apparently it was a big. Because from then on I kept getting text messages from this strange number like every 15 minutes. I wish I was kidding. They came ALL the time. Things like : "You are such a beautiful girl, let me come see you again" and "Can you please give me the honor of your presence. I need to be with you. Let's walk."...Uh, first of all...NO...second of all HECK NO!!!!! Then when I don't answer I get things like: "What?! What's wrong! Why aren't you answering?!?! I can't lose you!!! What did I do?!?!" You can't lose me? Pal, you never had me to begin with. And take off that scary trenchcoat. Yes, he was wearing a trenchcoat. BUT I did ask to see his ID so I would know who it was if something bad happened. I definitely didn't add him on fb....blocked, blocked, and BLOCKED!!! All my stalkers are blocked, hence why I am talking freely about it on my blog. They know nothing of it. I don't think they are horrible, horrible men. Just a little....off, maybe?IDK. But what I DO know is that no girl likes to be suffocated by some random guy. If she likes the guy...then suffocate away. But if she doesn't, and you are wearing a scary trenchcoat...try to calm it down.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

*Sick Day*

Today was my first sick day of this year, and it came at a really bad time. I have so much on my agenda lately, so I was really panicked about having to stay in. But it ended up being a wonderful day to slow down, and think about things that really matter. I hate that life gets busy, and my thought life turns to the here and now. How I'm going to get this done, who I want to talk to today, what I need to do. It's all such a whirlwind of thoughts, and when I'm forced to take it easy, I am reminded of what really matters. Nothing that I am concerned about right now is really going to matter in the end. The only thing that is going to matter is what I am doing for eternity. And I feel like I am going to do a lot for eternity in my classroom, which does make school important, but it's not everything. It should not take up all my thought life, leaving little for the Lord. I would rather not get all my reading done, and spend time with the Lord, than beat my brains out to get everything done just so. I believe I need to work at school with all my heart, but it does not come first. I think I needed a day to remind me of that. I needed a day to refocus. Maybe my sickness was divine intervention. :)

My status on facebook right now is that verse in Psalms about not being impatient for the Lord to act. I really needed to hear that today. I feel like I have been waiting for the Lord to do something big in my life, and I expect it to happen in my time frame. He has blessed me so much this year, and I am so thankful for that. But sometimes I feel like He has something even bigger in store. Like this is not all there is for me. Maybe that feeling has to do with knowing I was made to be with the Lord, and I'm stuck in this fallen world. Maybe I will always feel this ache until the day I die. Or maaaaybe....there's something bigger on this earth as well. I have no idea. But I do know that it kind of hurts, and I don't like it. This longing that goes so deep inside of me. It's a lonely longing...wishing that the Lord was touchable. Sometimes wishing I had a husband and kids to call my own. It's weird to think that the people who are going to mean the most to me, I haven't even met yet. But deep down inside I know that they will not fulfill me. No matter how wonderful he is, or how precious my babies are...they will never take my inner longings away. So what I think might be a longing for a husband, is probably a longing to be with the Lord. I'm an alien in this world. My real home is in Heaven. If this longing isn't fulfilled here on earth, it will happen in eternity. I am promised that. And that is a good thing to know.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

*Um, that's MY desk*

When I woke up early on this rainy Wednesday, I had no idea what complications were in store. I am getting pretty sick, and that is not the best way to start off in the first place. I didn't get enough sleep, so I am losing and forgetting everything! I lost my wallet, and had to go on a wild goose chase to find it. Luckily, someone picked it up and emailed me, because I put my distress call in the classifieds on the school network. Thank you, Classifieds. But the real complication happened when I walked into my Spanish class and a girl was sitting in my desk. Let me give you the background of my desk life. When I choose a desk at the beginning of the semester it becomes my safety zone. I do much better in the classes that I sit in the front right. I have no idea why, but a GPA doesn't lie! This lucky side of the classroom is what has finally worked out for me. And I have no intention of changing it around. I am not a fan of change, and I am extremely weird when it comes to my desk. Yes, I admit it can come off as a little nuts, but I don't really care. I need my desk. That is MY desk. This is my grade and sanity we are talking about. I NEED my desk. It is my home away from home! It's the only thing that stays the same in this swiftly changing world of mine! You can take away my house, my clothes, my car, my life...but you BETTER NOT take away my desk!!!!!!!!!

With that said....I walked into my Spanish class and was shocked and horrified to see a girl sitting in MY desk. There was no mistaking how I felt, because my eyes were as wide as baseballs. Something about the chairs had changed, and she normally sits beside me, but now she was in my desk. I prayed last night that the Lord would help me to love people, and not be rude, so I decided to take the desk on the other side of her. It was a stretch, but at least it was on my side of the classroom and in the front, right? "Uh, I'm saving this seat for my friend...just so you know" she said to me. By the way...this "friend" of hers was not even there yet! My eyes grew wide again, and my mind swirled as I noticed the only other desks were on the left side of the classroom. Because of my sinful nature, the prayers of the night before were quickly forgotten in the madness. (Not to mention it's rude to save a seat) "Um, that's MY desk you're sitting in over there. You usually are in THIS desk." I tried to say as calm as I could pointing out her desk. "Ya, well, I'm sitting here now. It's just a desk."...JUST A DESK?!?!?! JUST A DESK?!?!?!?! NO. NO NO NO NO! You did NOT just say that about my desk! I forced myself to calm down, and tried to do the sane thing and find a spot on the left side of the classroom. I walked over like a good little girl, then sat down, got my books out, and met the people around me. But my world was falling apart. I longingly looked at my desk where this girl (who had quite the nerve) now sat. Not to mention Hannah and Justin, my Spanish friends, were over on the right side by my lovely desk. That was not okay. Nothing was okay about this whole situation.

I had to do something. I could not sit there and let this injustice happen for 50 mins of my life! I walked strait up to the teacher and said "Excuse me, but what exactly is going on with the desk situation? I think there is a problem. You see, I usually sit there. But we are missing a desk." "Oh, hmm, I have no idea what's happened to the desk. You can sit at THAT one, though" He pointed to a ghetto desk that probably couldn't even fit a book on it. I went and tried to sit there while I desperately looked at Justin. I was SO close to the white board! I could probably lick the board if I wanted to. Is the world against me?! Is someone trying to make me fail?! That desk should not even be considered a desk. It would work much better as a piece of firewood, or a passenger on a trash truck. Luckily, Justin offered to switch spots with me. Which was REALLY sweet considering he is 6'3 and 250 lbs. The desk he was switching to was very small, and he was quite the comical relief to look at. He moved the desk he was giving me up so it was in the position where MY desk normally is. This made the girl who had taken MY desk stuck in the middle ile. She now had a line all her own, and we were all squooshed together. We were literally sharing that part of the classroom. It was a fight over the desk, and I had won. She looked at me with this disgusted face "You know, I don't even care what side of the room I sit on! I am able to move around!" And all I could think was "THEN WHY DON'T YOU MOVE!!!!" I just looked at her and said "I'm crazy. Get used to it. I'm not going to fail, because you decide to take my desk. And you better get up pretty early in the morning to beat me to it next class." I said in a joking manner, so it was not as rude as I felt. After that, I looked back at Hannah who was laughing and said "I am so glad you are in this class, otherwise it would be really boring!" I saw the teacher watching so I explained the situation to him.. "You know those classes you took on those special students who have particular needs? Ya, that's me. So I need this desk."

I realize I am coming off as some lunatic with a desk issue. And you know what? It's true. I do have that issue.. And that is JUST fine with me...as long as I get that desk. I can have 100 people thinking I'm crazy, because that desk brings results. I am already in College five years, and I do not intend to make it six, because some freshman decides my desk is a free for all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

*Rainy Confessions and The Trust Triangle*

I love a rainy night. When I'm all clean and warm and in my pajamas listening to the rain. Feeling DRY and knowing that the scary coons are probably getting what they deserve. Yes, I love a rainy night. When I'm not having to be out in it that is. A rainy night is so not my friend when I'm having to walk back from the student center in a white t-shirt. I have said before that I like to play in the rain, but I have a serious confession to make. I DO NOT LIKE TO BE IN THE RAIN! I DON'T LIKE THE FEELING AT ALL!!! There it is!!! I said it! If I ever state otherwise, please stop me, because that means I'm just trying to fit in with you. And that is NOT me. Read my blog and see who I really am. haha. I think that's a reason why I like to blog. I feel like I can express myself without anyone forming judgments around me. I can truly be myself and talk the way I want to, because there's noone who is going to go against it. This is MY blog. It's all about my thoughts. I can write until my heart is content, and nobody ever gives negitive feedback. I do get positive feedback sometimes though. A 14 yr old girl fb messaged me today saying she has read all my blogs, and wants me to write a book! I told her that if I ever do write a book, she will be my first fan that isn't forced to be a fan. A forced fan is a family or friend. You know it's true.

My final word today is something VERY important that I have learned and should probably have learned long ago! It's definitely a DUH kind of thing! LISTEN TO THESE WISE WORDS!!!! Don't get involved in a TRUST TRIANGLE! Do you know what a trust triangle is? Of course you do! It's messed you over plenty of times before!!! It's when you are put in a situation involving three people that is a lose lose situation. A rock and a hard place if you will. There is absolutely NO WAY to win. Let me give you an example of the TRUST TRIANGLE. You and Person A are friends...Person A and Person B are friends. Person B and you are close/and or not close. Both can work. You and Person A start telling innermost thoughts and feelings. Person A goes to Person B and talks about YOU and Person B runs to you telling you what Person A said. You are then mad at Person A, and Person B is in trouble by Person A. Or Person B might not like what was said and get other persons involved that have nothing to do with the situation at all. That only leads to people acting weird towards you about something they don't even know about! I mean, those other people are definitely not going to see your side. You are dead meat socially with them. Just say bye right now! Then you have the other scenario where you are close with Person B and Person B is highly offended causing a quarrel that probably wasn't big enough to be a quarrel in the first place. Trusting person A with your innermost thoughts is how you get a big mess on your hands. Nothing against the person, it's just the way of the TRUST TRIANGLE!!! Everyone loses!!! Winning is impossible!!! If there was no triangle, those innermost thoughts to Person A would be fine. Probably a best confidant even! But since the TRUST TRIANGLE is in full force, run as fast as you can from showing your feelings!!!! All I'm saying IS...DO NOT...under ANY circumstances tell any of your secrets to Person A or B! Try to find a Person C! Because Person C knows nothing of Person A or B and your secrets are safe! And last but not least (possibly one of the worst trust triangle scenarios) You are close to Person A and Person B, but Person A and B are not close/fighting. Person A and Person B both want the juice on the other. Do not listen to the "trust me" talk!!! Just go with your gut and KEEP IT CLOSED!!!! Sometimes keeping your big mouth shut no matter how hard it is can be the best solution! The bible talks MANY times about keeping that trap SHUT SHUT SHUT!!!! Let's just learn to keep it to ourselves, people! That way nobody thinks you are something that you are not, and it keeps you from being in unnecissary trouble! You can go on having a happy life with little complications! VOILA!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

*Sleep Brings Happiness!*

This morning I woke up on the right side of the bed, and have had a happy feeling inside all day! Every moment has been spent feeling this deep sense of joy that I don't normally have on tues/thurs considering they are my hardest days! But that was not the case today!!! I was sitting in class and I thought to myself "I am really enjoying sitting here right now!". I have been smiling or laughing by myself about random things even though all I've done is school and homework! I didn't even have time to eat lunch, or talk to any of my friends, because I was so busy. I had class all day, but I was constantly on the verge of laughter! This has been a day that feels like the joy inside of me could literally burst out of my skin it's so intense!!! Nothing in my life has changed, except that I went to bed at 8:30 pm last night. I slept for 8hrs. till 4:30am, and then I went back to sleep for three more hours before chapel! That equals 11 beautiful hours of sleep!!! And let me tell ya...It's like a serious attitude booster! I feel like a new woman!!!! I am going to try to go to bed really early at least once a week now! Because days like today are AMAZING!!!!!! Not to mention I didn't have to run into anyone I didn't want to run into! That just makes the day 10000million times better! It's like the sun shines brighter, and the butterflies follow me to class! No really, two butterflies seriously did follow me to class. lol Butterflies never follow me to class when I don't get enough sleep! How do they know?! :)

Needless to say...sleep brings happiness!!! Get some!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"It's True" by Nevertheless

Tell me whose right
Whose wrong
It sounds like the same old song
But if it's compromise they want
Then I don't belong
We paint you in pictures well
We praise you and live like we don't
If you'd ask do we love you still
Sometimes I can't tell

It's true,
I still believe in you
We've made it hard to see
The light shining through
The things we do

Holy and beautiful
Your grace is unstoppable
It's bigger than what we've done
Or how we feel

Underneath my skin,
In a place where no one goes
There is still a fire,
Burning in my soul
The world is such a mess,
But somewhere there is hope
Somewhere there is hope
You are still my hope

Saturday, September 5, 2009

*Outgrowing College*

I have a feeling this year at College that I have never really had before. It wasn't until yesterday that I realized exactly what it was....I, Abby, am outgrowing College!!! I look around and everyone seems so young, and I'm not as excited about staying up late or doing all the College things. I see a lot of unnecessary drama, because people are insecure I guess. We all are thrown into this situation without the comfort of our families, so people (including me) tend to be selfish. But it's hard not to be, since you are basically having to look out for yourself! Nobody is looking out for you, that's for sure! I feel like this should be my last year. I feel like I should be starting my internship next fall. And I should be, but thanks to transferring I have two more years. I feel like I have this long, drawn out road that I'm too old for! I feel like I can relate to the people already in the classrooms so much more! Like last night I was talking to a girl who is the new highschool Lit teacher at PA, and I could relate to her more than all the drama at school. EVERYONE seems to be talking bad about each other. It's like...when I'm at home I have NO problem not saying something bad about others. Then when I get to school, it's like word vomit. I prayed this morning that the Lord would put a muzzle over my mouth, because it makes me sick to do those things. I don't like talking bad about people!!! I hate it!!!! And I definitely don't want to reap what sow. It feels so good to do the right thing, and that's what I want to do. MUZZLE. I need a muzzle. And so do lots of people at school. Let's order muzzles for all! I get the word 'muzzle' from the verse: "I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin; I will put a muzzle on my mouth as long as the wicked are in my presence."- Psalm 39:1-3

I think that Satan is always attacking OBU, because of it's Christian values. I feel so much spiritual war going on, it's insane!!!! And I think that one way He is trying to bring the school down is getting everyone to bad mouth each other. I also think Satan is trying to attack OBU by making everyone feel like they are the perfect Christians, when they are not! If I ever come off as a know-it-all Christian..a holier than thou..PLEASE,SLAP ME!!!! I will NEVER be perfect! I will ALWAYS FALL!!!! Yet, my Lord allows me to hear Him, and bestows some wisdom on me in His grace. I think Satan attacks some people by making them feel like being a "Professional Christian" is what it's about. I know that has happened to me before!!!! I am not acting like I am free from it! I am just as vulnerable! I've seen myself fooled, and that's why I get so frustrated as I look around and see people screaming the name of Christ, yet not living the way Christ would want them to. They may be the ones on the front row with their hands raised high in church, and they may even walk around with a bible in hand. Most of the time they are ministry majors, which was an eye opening thing to realize!They have all the "answers" but does their life show any fruit???
The Lord says:"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them. 21Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' 23Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' "-Matthew 7:15-23

I think these wolves are ALL around campus...and you know the sad part? Satan has them SO fooled...they have no idea.