Tuesday, October 30, 2012

*And then we realized...we had no way out!*

I knew that it wouldn't be easy getting through my wedding day without any awkward moments. I kept looking around to see if everything was still going right and for the most part awkward moments were held at bay. As we drove away in the truck, I REALLY thought I was going to make it through the entire day without any mishaps...but I was wrong.

"AHHH!!! We're MARRIED!!!!" I screamed grabbing Brian's hand and waving at all the guests who were watching us drive away. We talked excitedly and held hands as we drove off into our happily ever after. About two minutes into our blissful drive, we realized that there was no way out the way we were driving. We looked on the map to figure out how to get out and realized with utter disbelief that we were going to have to drive BACK around our wedding party because we were in a no outlet!

It's like when you say goodbye to someone and they continue to walk beside you because your cars are actually parked beside each other. It's just not right. "I mean...should we like wait a minute or something?" Brian said to me as I began laughing thinking about how awkward driving back would be. I made us wait until they at least had time to make it back up the hill with their bubbles.

After a moment of waiting, we drove back around the corner to find ALL our guests still standing in the same spot like they were waiting for us to come back. I heard someone scream "They're back!" and I started laughing so hard I cried a little. I have never in my life seen the bride and groom come BACK after being sent off.

I guess I'd never seen a bride eat tons of bacon at her wedding either. Or talk during the ceremony to the audience. Or dance her bustle off. I also got shhhhed by the Big Cedar people before I walked out because I was screaming "I'm getting married!!!!!" and I saw Brian walk by to take his mom out and had to scream "HEY BOO!!!!!" and they were not happy about that.

I always wondered what I would feel like right before I got married and I'm here to tell you it's nothing like you think. It's just all so surreal that you end up dancing down the isle when you didn't even really plan to. It just happens. Your body takes over and nerves set in...you know how that goes. Unfortunately nerves for me means I'll probably do something crazy like scream "WOO WOO WOO" and shake my flowers at the groom when I get down the isle. I saw the video and seriously didn't remember doing that. Very unplanned.

All in all it was a very Abby wedding and absolutely perfect for me. A small and cozy wedding with lots of amazing food that I seriously wish I ate more of. I didn't really know what the food would be like and blindly planned my wedding in a lot of ways, so I was happy with it!!! With Big Cedar you literally like point to what you want and then forget what you pointed to. It was awesome.

Right now I'm waiting for my HUSBAND to get back from work. :) We are here for a week until we go on our honeymoon to California next week!!! Our wedding was like a vacation and moving towns is a pretty huge deal so I'm glad for the break. I'm very thankful for the quiet and the stillness I have right now. After the music fades and the fake nails chip off....the quiet creeps in and settles itself around me. All I hear right now is the gentle whir of a ceiling fan and I can't explain how good that feels. :)

Anyway this blog might have been choppy because I still feel like my head is all over the place. There are so many thoughts and emotions in my brain right now that I can't seem to do anything strait. It's a good kind of losing your mind, though! That's for sure!!! This is the happiest I've ever been. Ever.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

*Falling Into Place*

After many debacles…everything is finally falling into place. I know they were definitely debacles because I learned a lot about that word from my math teacher in highschool. He tutored me and my twin for the better part of his work day and he'd explain what to do, show us on the board, and then ask us to do it by ourselves. After giving us about five minutes, he would come back and go: "WHAT?! This is a DEBACLE!!! Where did you get THAT number?!" He said debacle so much that I actually picked it up and use it in my everyday conversations.

The debacle lately was the fact that my wedding dress was altered too tight as some of you well know. I mean…that may sound so miniscule but if the wedding dress you just spent equal to half your life savings on cuts off your circulation and gives unwanted muffin tops, that is pretty much a worse case scenario for a woman. Luckily, that nightmare is no longer a reality and my mom has really saved the day!!! After many stressful days and a lot of bridezilla moments, my mom came through and fixed my dress!! It was truly a wedding miracle and it came just in the nick of time.

Now I feel like those stressful things are behind me, and everything is starting to fall into place the way I really wanted them to. Yesterday was my bridal portraits and it ended up being so much fun! The weather was amazing, the sun was amazing, and my helpers were amazing. My dad, mom, and Kate were there carrying my dress around and trying to figure out how to fit me into the car. Moving around outside with a wedding dress on is seriously like a major puzzle you have to figure out. There's a lot of: "Don't move!!" and "Wait, I don't have that part!" and "Walk slower!!". They were really great and I was SO happy to have them. I managed to get away without a tire mark on my dress unlike Molly years back. It was as perfect as this life can get, but obviously there were funny things along the way that were unplanned.

The thing I love most about pictures is that they make life seem so much more dreamlike than it really is. They make us feel like there is such thing as Heaven on earth and if the day was actually like the pictures indicated, that would be true. I mean my engagement pictures were taken in 112 degree weather and I had a major outburst of emotion while getting ready because I felt like my hair was doing something crazy and I was second guessing all my outfits! It wasn't a dreamlike day, but the pictures made it seem SO perfect. We looked like we were living in a cloud of happiness for a day. I love that about pictures. We can make our brains only remember the good and the smiles if the aftermath of the pictures is all we focus on.

My bridals are going to look like the day was absolutely perfect and even though it was SO much fun, I was laughing at all the imperfections. Like the fact that there were crickets jumping up my legs and finding shelter in my dress. I was avoiding some animal poop half the time and there was this enormous dog on the loose! There have been three attempts by big dogs to try and eat me lately, and I am frankly tired of it. My fear of large dogs is increasing as the days progress and it's definitely not my fault. It's called a leash, people…or a FENCE.

At the bridals, there was also a man getting his son in major trouble in the background and we heard screams and yelps from a redneck establishment on yonder mountain. Then I thought I saw a man shirtless coming towards us, but it was really a skin colored shirt on a woman riding a horse. I was like "A shirtless man! No, wait…a woman on a horse!" and the photographer just goes: "Wow, that is so random." haha Yes, yes it was….

Then there was a creepy man in a creepy car that kept creepin around! I can't use the word creepy enough as you can tell. I've never seen my dad want to shove me in a car so bad, haha. I was like talking and laughing and dad was like: "ABBY! Get in the car..this man is near, I can hear him!" I don't know what I'll do when I don't have an overly worried dad around. If he knows I've walked outside alone even a street over he freaks out. He's such a good dad! He spent his 50th birthday holding my bouquet while he paid for me to have pictures taken. He is truly a selfless and good man!! :)

I am so thankful to have bridal portraits over with and it really relieves a lot of stress and helps me to look forward to the actual day. Knowing I have a dress that will actually fit me and not make me pass out is such a good feeling. I ate a hamburger last night without panic about my dress and it was truly one of the best feelings I've felt in a long time.

I may have gone through a few bridal meltdowns to get where I am today…but it's finally looking like it's all coming together. And I can happily eat again which is great because hardcore worrying about my food does the opposite effect. It just makes me bloat with unhappiness. So I am thankful to be back to my old self again. :)