Friday, November 26, 2010

*Can You Believe That?!*

There are ways of knowing when you've passed from childhood into adulthood. If a child is completely bored with the topics of conversation you have with your friends,you're a grown up. If you are eating something you find very delightful, and a child looks at it with disgust, that's called adulthood. If you are watching a movie you find very interesting and a child is heard in the background saying: "How much longer till it's OVER?!", you have officially said your farewells to childhood. It is through the measure of a child that we can see when we've truly made the transition Peter Pan has always feared. Let me give some examples...

Earlier this week I was conversing with my aunts and cousins from out of town. My four year old cousin kept asking all of us to come play in her room, but we were too busy talking to come. Numerous people turning her down was upsetting to her, so I tried to find a way to make it right. I told her that she could go make us pretend food, but we would only be able to play like we were costumers talking at the table. I looked her strait in the eye and said very seriously like I was letting her in on a secret: "When you turn into a big person,talking is as fun as playing with dolls, can you believe THAT?! One day you will want to talk this much, too!" She opened her mouth and gave me an amazed look. "I can't believe THAT!" she said once she finally grasped the concept. "Life is funny like that" I said to her as she ran back to her room to grab some pretend food.

A few days ago we were watching a movie at our house that was not bad, but it was geared towards older crowds. My younger cousin wanted to hang out with the older cousins so she came a long as well. The entire time she kept saying "How much LONGER?!" and at the end she said "I'm so glad THAT'S over! Now let's get outta here, hop, two, three, four..." I laughed to myself and told her that when people get older they enjoy boring movies and love to eat nasty food. What once was so unappealing somehow turns into bliss. I got a few nodding agreements from the older cousins who remember what it was like to misunderstand adults. Something happens between then and now that changes the whole meaning of fun. When does this change take place, anyway? When are mac N cheese and chicken nuggets replaced for dishes that once seemed so gross to us as children?

Life changes us. There is only a short time in our lives when talking to people comes second to toys. When movies are supposed to only be in cartoon and food is simple and fun. Our whole view of life changes with each year, and maybe I'm not done changing. Maybe I will look back and laugh at what I thought was fun now, maybe what I think is boring will one day be appealing. One thing I've learned is that I can't put anything past aging. Age does things to you...crazy things you'd never imagine.

Friday, November 12, 2010

*WARNING: This may offend you*

The title of this post is very may be offensive,so read at your own risk. What I'm about to talk about is quite controversial, but it must be said. (I was also wondering if people would click on my post BECAUSE I said it was offensive...just a little human experiment while I'm at it.)

There is an epidemic that has hit many young males at our beloved school that I like to call the "I'm Awesome" syndrome. It has become OUT OF CONTROL in the biggest way! Their egos have been fed for quite sometime, and it has brought about some shocking outcomes. I am here to bring some reality into the situation considering many poor girls are lowering their standards and losing self esteem. If I have one more conversation with a girl about how she isn't enough because Mr. "I'm Awesome" said so, then I will do something dramatic. Hence, where my passion begins...guarding self worth in myself and others is where one of my main convictions lies.

If you are a student here you know very well that there are 7 girls to 1 guy. This simply means there are a lot of BIG FISH in our TEENY,TINY POND. It means most girls won't be noticed no matter how hard they try. It means girls who are so incredible are losing self esteem and thinking this is reality. It means guys think they have the right to take a different girl out each weekend so they can choose who is 'right'. It means guys ASSUME girls will want to go on a date with them.It means EGOS ARE TAKING UP ALL OF OUR BREATHING ROOM! (What kind of freak show is this anyway, the bachelor?!)

I am also a little peeved about this "I'm Awesome" syndrome because of something that happened to me personally about a year ago. A guy who I would NEVER even think of dating pulled me aside and had a "serous" talk with me. He looked me in the eyes and said sweetly: "I know you like me, but as a sister in Christ I need to guard your heart and tell you I don't see you that way." Shocked I said this back PLAIN and CLEAR: "Oh ya? Well as a sister in Christ I need to let you know that you are completely delusional because I would never even consider you, pal."

I mean we are talking WACKY situations. I remember thinking: "Was I just rejected without even asking for it?!" Girls are lowering their standards because they are trying to meet some expectations they think will get them noticed at this school. I have long ago given up the idea that any boy will notice me on that campus no matter how hard I try. But you know what? That doesn't mean outside the bubble they don't. That doesn't mean I need to make my standards lower and just say yes to ANYONE. Even I have befallen victim of having a crush on somebody that I look back and say "WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING?!" Please, please, please...don't let that be you.

I know there are always exceptions and this is not necessarily the majority, but I see it enough to say something about it. Girls, what some guys at our school think of you does not make you who you are. If no boy notices you then that doesn't mean you aren't beautiful, that just means you might not have to share an undeserving man with three other people. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with you and it DEFINITELY doesn't mean you aren't worth being seen. Because you ARE. And you deserve to have your standards high. (Let's face it, when standards lower you might marry a crazy man and have crazy babies because of it. Yikes.)

Go out of the bubble and you WILL be noticed. And when you are, don't just say yes to any joe blow that comes your way. Be okay with being single until the RIGHT one comes along!!! Do not fear rejection or singleness. Sometimes being rejected is the best thing that ever happened to you! SERIOUSLY! And singleness shows that you are willing to wait and go through the fire for that right boo for you. You are worth more than you know and you have something to offer. Never let any boy who doesn't see that make you feel any different.

This is a very serious matter, because I know we can't truly love anybody until we love ourselves. Let's guard our self worth with everything we have, so we can love deeply like the Lord created us to!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

*Middle School Moment*

I had a Jr. High flashback a few weeks ago due to some unfortunate circumstances. I thought once I made my way to the big wide world of College all of my horrifying moments were over, but my recent experience has made me realize that I was definitely wrong about that one.

First, let me give you a little background information on the situation. There is a honorary education club that about every other education major got asked to be in EXCEPT me. The reason I did not make the cut is because they take your OVERALL GPA and mine happens to be a 2.8 thanks to a few "mishaps" along the way. I think I should get a lot of recognition because I brought up my 1.8 from the unfortunate times at my old college to a 2.8! Do you know how hard that is?! I mean…all these other people just had good grades all along. I had to drudge my way up from the GPA pits for heavens sake! That is some major number climbing!!! Biology and College Algebra were considered my days of being mercilessly thrown into the quicksand of confusion with no chance of escape!!! How can a GPA reflect positively when you are just happy to get ANY of the problems right?! Just because I was made to take those dream killing classes does not mean that I shouldn't be able to be in the education club!

Having strait A's all your life is not the end all be all. It's a known fact that a main character in a novel is always supposed to be the one that changes through the story. My GPA represents a good leading role in a wonderfully famous novell! Always having good grades brings about NO story line. People like that have to be the background character because they always stay the same. I on the other hand have made a huge transition which is why my life and GPA can be the spotlight and focal point of a storyline. JUST SAYIN.

The Jr. High flashback came the night that everyone was meeting to have dessert with the dean for their first informational meeting about the club. I was doing a huge presentation for my night class and had to be there 15 minutes early which happened to be the same time that everyone was getting their dessert. Everyone started walking towards the invite only room and at least four people asked me: "Are you coming?" It was a terrible moment, because I have definitely made a smarter name for myself and not being invited ruined my new look. The worst part was when one girl who has ALWAYS had strait A's whispered loud enough for me to hear "Not all of us can make it." 'Well, YOU can't be the main character of a novel! Your GPA IS BORRRRRING!' I said to the hallway. Because well…me and the hallway were the only ones left, really.

I had to wait out in the hall while everyone else got icecream and cookies and fruit. I wasn't too upset about missing out on the fruit but the other stuff? Not cool! I give up my life to do well in my education classes, but missed out on the dessert and lost my smart reputation anyway! Everybody came into class with their plates full of dessert and I had a to give a 200 point presentation on ESL students while they ate. I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear or two, but I still got a 95% on my presentation even with a heavy heart and red face. THAT is talent if you ask me!!! Life is not about recognition, though….but I don't think life is about being left out alone in the hall, either. Did I mention I didn't even read until 2nd grade and I had a C in math for the first time in 4th grade. I defy odds with the great grades I'm getting now. Why isn't that taken into account?!

The Dean of Education came and had a personal talk with me about how she was sad that she couldn't change the rules and let me into the club. She was really sweet and said that I had something that lots of people don't have which is a bubbly personality and interpersonal skills. She said that's one of the most important things about being a teacher which made me feel good. The years of personality development that I've spoken about before have really paid off. :) But unfortunately those days could not save me from reliving my middle school feelings again in a college hallway. But don't worry…I'm completely over it and just laughing about it now. That's the best thing you can do in situations like that. Learning to laugh at the rough times in life is the best way to make it through if you ask me.