Thursday, November 26, 2009

*There Goes the Curtains!*

We just left my grandparents house from my dad's side who were an amazing host and hostess!! They were kind enough to give us their king size bed while they slept on an air mattress. Generosity like that is unheard of these days, but I'm not complaining because their bed was the most comfortable bed in the world! I need to get me a fluffy king bed soon for sure. My great grandparents on my mom's side were the first to own a king size bed in Arkansas. All the more reason to add one to my wish list! King beds are still too small to share in my book. I'm not a fan of sharing, because apparently I scream in my sleep, and the friends with me wake up worried. I don't like being woken up so I'd rather sleep alone.

So back to the amazing sleeping arrangements my grandparents gave me. They let me and Molly have thier entire nice room and bathroom to ourselves. Everything is decorated beautifully and put togethor to a tee. I shouldve thought twice before I started riding a pony stick around the room at high speed...but I didn't. There were two ponies in the hallway that were too appealing to resist. Molly was in the bathroom that was separated by glass doors and curtains. I thought it'd be funny to ride the pony over and stick it's head under the curtain and knock at Molly with it. I was right, it was hilarious. What wasn't hilarious was when I got comfortable and rode the pony stick in and out of the curtains and they came crashing down! One minute of pure bliss strait into panic! All I heard from Molly is a "You deserve that!!!" and I told her she better stay in and help me or her days as being my sister were over! We were laughing so it wasn't personal. Then we spent the next ten minutes laughing and trying to figure out how to put them back up when we heard "Get out here for the family picture!". But I was busy. Pictures would have to wait. Luckily I finally figured out that an important piece had flown under the dresser. I got it all fixed and was extemely relieved. That's the last time anyone gives up their room for me I'm sure! Haha

I just typed this in the car on my phone. That still boggles my mind!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blogging Application

I'm typing this from my new blog application on my iPhone! There is pretty much an ap for anything these days. I'm in the car driving through beautiful hills and enjoying this wonderful day! The weather is almost perfect!!! I've needed time to relax and not think about work at all. Sleeping and reading for a few days is exactly what I needed! Three more weeks of school then Christmas break....the end is near :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

*My Dream*

Today I have realized what my dream life would be. I can't believe that I hadn't thought of it before. Watching "Blindside" made me realize that I want to marry a man that owns 85 Taco Bells. I mean....can you imagine?! Free Taco Bell anytime you want!!!!! A home and means to bring in somebody off the street and give them the life they always dreamed of! Not to mention REALLY cute clothes! How NEAT would that be?!?!?! I would LOVE to bring a boy in off the streets and love him and give him all he needs to succeed. I would LOVE to change a life in such a meaningful way while being the owner of Taco Bell!!!! HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the most incredible thing I can think of. That is my new dream!!!!! So, if you see a single hottie who happens to own a few Taco know where to find me. My cell phone will be on loud so I can hear ya calling!

That is all for tonight.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

*Death and Dying Laughing!*

I totally forgot my password to this blog which means I haven't blogged enough lately!!! And it also shows that I am REALLY forgetful and should always have the same password. most of you know, our incredible granny died this week, and it's been such a great time of remembrance for us all. Each of us have such fond memories of her (and that's not just cause she died). Sometimes mean people become saints after they die, just because they died. At church we are asked how we want to be remembered when we die all the time, but what the preacher doesn't take into account is that EVERYONE looks good dead. That's just the truth. But she really was such a great woman!!! I am proud to come from such a strong foundation of Jesus-loving people!!! Not only that, she was a fun person to be around. I remember her taking me to the mall, and I would get so excited I could barely sleep the night before. I put some of the blame on her for my love for shopping. I think she would be okay with that. She and Paw had the first colored screen TV in Arkansas! They also had the first King size bed as well. Paw was the owner of a car dealership at the time. I think that is really neat! There were paper strips from times he was put in the paper in the memory books I was looking through. I come from a line of really successful people on both sides of my family. Even my great-great grandparents were super stylish and had incredible houses! I wish I could know their stories so bad!!! I wish I could wear those poofy dresses and make my hair into a cinnamon bun on top of my head like they did! So much about the past interests me. I wish I knew everyone's life story uncensored! I want to know so much about people, but most everyone is hush hush. I mean...we all pretend like we have these perfect lives, but there are definite skeletons in the closet that I want to hear!And also times when the Lord worked in lives that could be such an inspiration to people living now. I want to know things! I want to know stories!!! I'm sure Granny had times of deep sorrow and times of overwhelming joy. I bet she had many triumphs with the Lord's help. But what were they? All I know is that she was so much fun and gave the best hugs! I can still smell her and feel her soft skin. She looked great in her old age. I'm hoping that gets passed down to me!

Skipping to the dying laughing part of the title....My aunt flew in for the funeral and a group of the family went to the airport to pick her up. We made a scene (as usual) jumping up and down, clapping, taking name it! We also had a very loud conversation about those new booty pops! It's like a bra for your booty and they are selling them in the airline shopping magazine! SO FUNNY!!! We were laughing till we cried. And while we were laughing about the booty pop there was this one bag that kept circling around the pick up about twenty times. We were waiting for her bag, and didn't even THINK to look at that lone bag. We thought it was the machine next to that one, and just kept waiting and waiting. The bag kept circling, but I didn't say a word. We googled the booty pop commercial on our iphones and watched it for kicks. It's got a booty then the screen has the word "POP!!!" and all the sudden it's huge! We made an even bigger scene when that happened until finally we realized that everyone else had left the building. Then my aunt said "OH! That's my bag!!!!" hahaha! Her bag had been there for a long time but we were too consumed in our airway shopping! Then we went a different way home so we could see one of Granny's old houses. We stopped in front of it, and everyone got all emotional, and then my aunt said: "Let's go in!!!" And Nana quickly locked the door so we wouldn't be able to get out! Apparently it's not polite to barge in on private homes, even after a death. I'm sure they would have let us in. Surely. But Nana has better judgment, and it was probably best to just drive on. This part made us laugh even harder! We were laughing from the very moment the family arrived! Then we all felt bad for laughing on such a grim occasion, but we thought Granny wouldn't have it any other way. If she were here, she'd be laughing along with us. She was a loud woman like the rest of us, and is probably proud that we let the legacy live on!!! If we didn't laugh in the face of adversity, then we wouldn't be the family I know and love. If we didn't scream and make a scene...then it wouldn't be right. And I am proud to say that we trust the Lord Jesus enough to laugh even when we are down!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

*The Most Horrific Story Ever!!!*

I haven't blogged lately, because I have been writing on paper more and I don't have enough time for both. I end up writing about four pages a night, and that can be time consuming. It's my favorite part of the day, though. Any kind of sad feelings about not having anyone to spill my guts to goes away when I get my pen out.I might switch off every once in a while,because a few people have reported that they miss my blogging. I can't say I understand why, but if someone thinks that my life is worth reading..then read on!!! haha

I am in agony to report that I have the most horrific story ever to write about today. I went back and forth on whether I was going to write about it or not, but then against my better judgment, here I am typing! I wanted to pretend that it never happened. Maybe if I never told anyone or talked about it, it would just be a figment of my imagination. But the sad truth is that it did, and I think you will be happy that I shared. Maybe I can get some new friends from sympathy points. We'll see.

Let me start by telling you about this nine dollar burger that I ate at the Hogs game on Saturday. It was weird and greyish, and the burger was twice the size of the bun. And I really don't think it was only beef...I thought I saw a little cat meat mixed in there. But going against my better judgment, (yet again), I bought it anyway. It tasted a little funny, but I tried to think nothing of it. But the repercussion of my actions came without delay. I started to get sick not ten minutes after I ate it. The entire ride home was one big mess of nausea and trying to survive. When I got home it only got worse. To get some laughs out of my bad situation, I grabbed my phone to quickly text one of my friends about what was happenin! But unfortunately what I didn't realize at the time was that I accidentally pressed my EX BOYFRIENDS name and he became the receiver of what I was about to say. Sadly..VERY SADLY..I was too sick and typing too fast to even realize it. I can't remember it word for word, (since I deleted it immediately to try to make it go away), but this is basically what the text message said:

"That low grade burger from lunch is back with a vengence! I'm gonna need that extra toilet seatbelt tonight!!!!!!!!!"

I can't even tell you how bad I felt!!! On top of being MAJORLY ill, my blood was starting to run cold along with it! I tried so hard not to cry! "THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!!!!!!!!" I screamed to the thin air in my room. I was utterly rejected by someone and here I am, seven months later, giving them a text about my miserable digestive life. Luckily, he was really nice about it, and it softened my heart towards him. Maybe this was God's way of bringing about a heart change in me? It does say that if you have animosity towards someone, you are not in the love of Christ. Possibly the Lord is finding ways for me to live even closer to Him. That's nice! It's kind of a positive way to look at it, right? God works everything together for our good...even text messages gone REAL bad. I still have a knot in my stomach thinking about it. But, that's so my life, so I better get used to it!

That wasn't the first time a text message has gotten me into troubles, but that will have to wait for later. A secret writing project is taking up a lot of my time right now, and I also need to go to bed so I can drive back in the morning. NIGHT!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

*Life is Precious*

I wake up every morning and never have the idea that something is going to go really wrong. But the reality of the situation is, this world is broken, and each day brings possibilities of tragedy into our lives. Luckily the tragedy I speak of today is not monumental, but it was bad enough to make me think.

I was about to go to an educational meeting when my phone rang and it was Kate panicking on the other side. It's hard to put into words what my body did at that point, but it felt like my heart sank to the ground. My heart started pounding and everything went a little blurry. I tried not to freak out, but the panic in her voice made me start to panic as well. She said that she'd been in a bad car accident and she needed me to come get her. Of course I told my group that I had to go and I ran as fast as I could to my car, with so many emotions running through my head. I didn't know at this point what exactly had happened. All I knew was that she'd been in a wreck and she was really shaken up. I knew the general area of where her car was, so I went to look for it as quickly as I could. Searching everywhere to see if I could find her was a horrible feeling. I didn't know what to expect, and my mind raced to so many places. My hands were shaking on the wheel, and I tried to compose myself to be the stronger person. I finally saw a bunch of police cars, and kate's poor totaled car. I pulled up and literally ran up to her. We hugged so tight, and I was glad to see she was okay. The airbags burnt her arm, but other than that she was okay. It was seriously a miracle! Her car had filled up with smoke, and it was smooshed completely. As we were hugging cars would drive by and pieces of her car would hit me in the leg.That is not something that we both planned on this morning, but either way, it did.

I know we all have to learn this lesson over and over again, but life really is precious. We can be here one second, and gone the next. Nobody wakes up and thinks "I'm gonna die a horrific death today!" No! Most of the people are ones who didn't see it coming. We need to be extremely careful on the road! We are NOT invincible!!! I am so thankful to the Lord for sparing her life, and helping everyone to be okay. But I know that if He didn't,He would have a plan. We need to trust God even when horrible things happen. There are opportunities in every loss, and in every heartache. God has great things in store, even through the bad. We need to look for the opportunities we will get through this situation. Bad things happen, but they can have more than negative outcomes. God can do wonderful things through trauma in our life. And it makes me wonder to myself if I could trust Him if something REALLY bad did happened. I hope that I get to a place in my walk with the Lord that I could. God is GOOD.And He is good whether He would of allowed Kate this blessing of being okay, or if He would allowed it to end much worse. And it might sound crazy to say that, but He is completely good. He is up for our good no matter what!!! I am VERY VERY VERY thankful that nothing truly horrible happened today. He has taught me lessons through this heartache already. See? Good is already coming from it.